Welcome to Turifjäll

Cottage to rent in Grovelsjon in northern Dalarna in the land of laps and reindeer. 

Three fully equipped and modern wilderness cabins right in the middle of mountainous Swedish and Norwegian high arctic landscapes with scenic hiking grounds and rich fishing waters all around. This is the land of the most southern located Scandinavian reindeer herding lap culture and it is easily accessible with good roads and public communications. It is a perfect place, in summer as well as in winter, to find a pleasant and peaceful accommodation in a cottage of suitable size and with the option to spend time together with friends in nearby cottages of their own. All cottages are heated by air heat pumps and fire places and equipped with hot water heaters. There is a large and nice free-standing wood-fired sauna and the possibility to take a bath in the stream. Magnificent mountain nature, hiking trails and ski cross-country tracks take over behind the knot and the downhill ski slope and fishing waters are close by. There are several good restaurants and pubs in area and all other possible activities are presented in the links below.

The cottages are called Fjällripan (The Snow Grouse), Lavskrikan (The Northern Shrike) and Pärlugglan (The Boreal Owl). For more information, see links above